Monday, August 07, 2006

A new cuff and red square progress

I finished a cuff today. I've been seeing them around, love to look at them on I really like the way this turned out. I just used some scraps, plus some of the new Red Heart turquoise that I bought recently. I also snagged some bits and bobs from my daughter's craft stuff. I figured that since I spent most of the morning organizing it, I was entitled to a few sparklies.

Progress on the red/pink/purple log cabin blanket. I took this pic outside and it does a much better job of showing the colors. I think I am going to do three strips on each side and then do a cherry or hot red border with a picot border.

I got my first (but hopefully not my last!) ROAK package today from a lovely fairy godmother in Michigan! She sent several scrap balls of yarn. I have added them to my scrap rotation in the car to be crocheted into motifs or squares. Thank you!

I am hoping to one day make this blog cool-looking with fun buttons and a new topper header dealy etc. I am not computer saavy so I would appreciate any help!

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