Saturday, October 16, 2010


Years ago when I first learned to crochet, the internet had not yet been invented. I struggled with my yarn and hook, begging strangers to help me figure it all out. Knitting? Uh, no. I had enough on my plate.

Time passed and I learned crochet. I actually stuck with it, through the cursing and yelling. I did pretty well with it. And then I got bored.

After staying at home with the girls, my brain needed exercise. I needed to learn a new skill. I needed to work the synapses. And that lovely crystal vase of knitting needles that I had been hoarding called to me...

I have made so much progress and I have to say that I enjoy it more than crochet these days. I love the challenge of learning new stitches and new techniques. I love the lovely foil that it offers crochet. I find myself craving more interesting yarns. It is such joy.

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