Monday, September 13, 2010

Butt Camera, Here I Come!

For the past few weeks, I have been having bowel issues - let's just say more famine than feast. Blood work was normal, physical exam showed nothing enlarged. I am also having pain in my back on the left side. I suspect the pain is muscular as I took two hard falls in the river a few weeks back while we were tubing. In one instance, I turned to the right and fell on that side on a rock.

With the bowel issues, my doc has ordered a colonoscopy. Its tomorrow. Today is the prep work. This means clear liquids all day followed by a gut-busting rinse this afternoon. The doc is the same one who did my rectal reconstruction and 'rhoid surgery to correct the issues I had from having two huge babies. I am trying to think of something witty to write on my ass for a cheap laugh. Maybe, "Welcome Back!"? Or "If something did actually crawl up my butt and die, please don't tell my husband because I will have to admit that he was right." Yes, that probably would all actually fit on my butt. Sad.

I am really, really scared. Of course, I cannot help sitting and wondering about all of the outcomes. I can't seem to have a rational thought about the whole situation.


Stephanie said...

i'll be praying for ya, mama. :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

Thinking of you ((hugs))

Karen said...

hey, just saw this. did all go ok?