Sunday, August 15, 2010

Suck it Pioneer Woman

I saw The Pioneer Woman on The View this last week. I check her blog on and off. She has good food, nice pics. Not sure I get the hype. I mean, none of those food items on the show were really new or inspired - potato skins, jalapeno poppers? Have folks become so far removed from cooking as a skill that these things are genius? I don't want to hate on her, I really don't. She's a mom to four kids (edited), bless her heart. But I make that stuff all the time and frankly no one really gives a crap. Maybe I need better pictures?

So the only things still producing in the garden are the jalapenos, the okra, and the tomatoes. I blogged about the tomatoes. This was my other project to do today to use up some produce.

I love canning. Some of the stuff ends up as gifts, the rest we use during the winter. The only part that aggravates me is that it can require such precise measurements. This is the reason I dislike baking.

I really didn't have a recipe for this and I was I used 7-8 jalapenos that I seeded. I used 4 big hot red peppers, not sure what kind since they came from my mother-in-law. I added three green bell peppers and whizzed it all in the food processor. I added about 4 cups of sugar, a little vinegar, and some pectin. I think it looks right pretty with all of the green and red. I just hope it sets up.

This is really tasty on a grilled cheese - sharp cheddar, sourdough and a dash of pepper jam and then pressed in the panini press.


Karen said...

2 boys 2 girls ;) I was on a PW kick for the longest time and I've started to back away. I will always use her cinnamon roll recipe, though.

Glad you're making good stuff with your bounty!

Lynn (mom) Meek said...

ooohhh-- strawberry/jalepeno jam was awesome. gradually ate the whole jar over whipped cream cheese on crackers ---- yummy!!!!!
only suggestion, maybe chop the jalepenos more finely but I realize you wanted them to be identifiable. tasted fabulous!!!