Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gardening, Reading and Frelling Anxiety

I finally managed to enter my Duct Tape Wedding Bouquet in the Etsy Martha Stewart DIY Wedding contest. I don't think for a second I will win but the exposure is nice. I also found out I've been featured on at least one fashion blog lately. I need to read my Google Alerts more often I guess.

The garden seems to be petering out, perhaps due to a lack of rain. I've put up a TON of green beans and bread & butter pickles plus blueberry jam. I am still hoping to get some peach jam done, as well as fig and quince plus apple sauce and apple butter.

My etsy shop is cranking along. I need to get moving on winter hats and scarves. I will be making some wreathes as well but those will likely end up at the gallery depending on how many I have.

I've been having a very hard time lately with my anxiety. Its been really crippling to where I don't want to leave the house. I've had anxiety all of my life to some degree but it really seemed to skyrocket after Lulu was born. Its been in various stages of control since then. When it gets bad, it gets very bad. When we first moved to Gainesville, I went about 6 weeks without leaving the house without Scott. Its very scary when its bad.

School is just 2 weeks away. Lucy cannot wait to go back despite my keeping her busy with the pool, the garden, learning to cook, reading and math challenges. We went tubing last weekend and it was so crowded. I am really looking forward to camping when the weather cools off some.

As for reading, I am currently engrossed in Love Stories of WWII compiled by Larry King. I am still plodding through East of Eden by John Steinbeck and I have Love in the Time of Cholera on its way to me. I've been itching to read some classics lately.

Right now, I am just getting by. I do so want to get past this.

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