Sunday, February 08, 2009

I can't think of a good title.

It was so warm yesterday (in the 60s) that we decided to pack a picnic and go fishing. I made up some tuna salad, packed some bread and fruit. We stopped and bought minnows and then headed to the lake. Well, it was really windy, our poles haven't been relined in forever (meaning they break when you try to pull on them too hard), and I accidentally left the tuna in the fridge. The girls stayed in the back seat of the car reading while Scott and I fished in vain. Can anyone say snowtubing? It did give me any idea for Valentine's Day - Scott is getting 6 rolls of new fishing line.

Dawson County is doing a free wedding/vow renewal this Friday, February 13th at the courthouse. I love Friday the 13ths (and my husband) and was really excited that we could do this. Sadly though, Scott will probably have to work. Bummer.

I sold three paintings in the last ten days. That is exciting. I do get sad to see my girlies go but I know they are going to good homes. I've been listing the last of my new hats until fall. After that, I am concentrating on getting some hand-dyed vintage slips listed. I did two that are the most gorgeous shade of purple. If I can get my hands on some neon yellow dye, I will be a happy girl.

My shop really has never looked prettier. I am working on getting a small ad together so I can advertise on some blogs. I haven't done must of that since I opened. Most of my off-etsy promotion has been on facebook, myspace, and twitter along with some prize donations for blog contests.

Scott is off squirrel hunting this morning. I am cheering for the squirrels.


Alexis Jacobs said...

Okay those are beautiful! Do people wear those? Hmmm...

Anna Banana said...

These are really pretty!!!