Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentime's Day [sic]

Lucy mispronounces it as "Valentime's Day", so that typo is on purpose for a change.

The girls spent last night at my in-laws. Sweet! Scott and I went out for wings-n-beer last night and had fun. Today, we've piddled and enjoyed the quiet.

For dinner, I made good old comfort food but upscale. I made a roasted cherry tomato soup and a grilled cheese using a sun-dried tomato foccacia with asiago, havarti, and Swiss inside. It was so yummy!

The other day, Della was taking a nap and her little hand was smooshing up her face and the light was just right... She looks a lot like her sister at 3 in this picture. She thought it was really funny to see herself sleeping.


house sparrow said...

Merrill, This is an amazing picture. I love it! -April

Kimmber said...

Okay, the panini is making me starve.

But the picture of Della, well that is precious! What a perfect picture.

Alexis Jacobs said...

You need to frame that shot. Amazing.

bonnie said...

okay~ yummy!!!!
and that photo is adorable~
makes me want to take a sweet nap.