Friday, August 15, 2008

My blog is so lame.

Scott showed me this blog last night, which includes a very cool video of some freaky Andalusian trail of death:

It really serves to remind me how lame-o my blog is.

I am looking forward to the Bigfoot press conference today. Allegedly, some guys stumbled on a Bigfoot gathering in Clayton, Georgia not too far from here. What is a group of BigFoots (BigFeets?) called? A den? A covey? A pride? A joke? That's it - a joke of Bigfoots.


Mrs A said...

LOL, I just realized I commented on a blog you wrote a year ago :P My bad!

Sondra said...

Big foot in GA really??? Cool!
I LOVE your blog and you have always made me laugh my butt off. Thanks for the free exercise!