Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turtles, MNO and Entrepreneurs

Recently, we had our MOMS Club Mom's Night Out at Loco's in Gainesville for Trivia Night. We started out strong but then after a few drinks and more interest in conversation, we didn't do so well. Our team name? The Real Housewives of Gainesville. :P Our sign says "We don't just wipe asses - we kick them too."

This is Malcolm, an African spur thigh tortoise. Scott got a call about it roaming in someone's yard. We are apparently keeping it. He really is GORGEOUS.

Some men get convertibles or motorcycles - not my husband! I guess he gave up on getting the tea cup potbelly pig.

The girls wanted to have a lemonade stand but we live on a super rural road and had no lemonade. Daddy was outside weed-wacking so I told them to set up a beer stand (and some diet Sunkist). They ended up with $8. Not bad for an hour's worth of work....
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