Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Holidays and Birthdays

The holidays are in full swing. Thanksgiving is behind us. I am done with our shopping for the girls. Lulu is getting a pink boom box, a 3-CD set of 80s tunes (hey, if I have to listen to it, it better be something I like), a retro shirt with roller skates on it, a book about fashion design, a scrapbook, and 7 rolls of colored duct tape.

Yep, you read correctly - 7 rolls of duct tape: red, pink, yellow, blue, silver, purple, and green. One day while staying with my in-laws, she managed to take some plain old duct tape and turn it into a crown. I was blown away. I heard her say she wished it came in different colors. SCORE Mama! I am not giving her any books or instructions - the child is creative enough to make stuff on her own.

Della is getting an electric keyboard, some bath paints, some clothes (she loves getting clothes), a book, and some My Little Ponies to go with the MLP Amusement Park she has been amassing piece by piece.

From Santa, the girls will be getting a trampoline. We have folks against it, somewhat understandably. We do plan to find one with the net and the pads. It will be considerably different than the one that Carrie Marxmiller had when we were little.
While I am here, I should mention that I had a wonderful birthday courtesy of my BFF Christine. She planned a Girls Night at Wild Wing (THE ONLY local hot spot). It was well attended by many of the Real Housewives of Hall County - Karen, Teal, Kate, Vicki, Tina, me, and Xine. Wings were eaten, drinks were drunk, and young, hot waiters were oogled. A wonderful time was had by all.

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Alexis Jacobs said...

Sounds like a good Xmas at the Fraizer house. BTW I love that last picture.