Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Hats are Hits!

Woody Skull Cap
Originally uploaded by lunchieb.
So I found a cute little shop in which to sell some of my stuff. Its part art gallery (folk art mostly) and the rest is like an antique/junk store. The first trip, I took up my ebay duds. The second trip, I took 6 of these skullies. Susie (the shop owner) called me the next day and said that one person bought them all. I had assumed this person bought them to resell them. Nope, she bought them all as gifts for her cooks and bartenders at a nearby restaurant. I had them priced at $5. I have since raised the price to $12 for a skullie, $18 for a flap hat.

This hat is still one of my favorite skullies. There's that same damned green yarn again! Versitile!

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