Saturday, September 30, 2006

Has it really been 20 years?

So I realize that my 20 year high school reunion is coming up in November. Do I go? Hell no.

First of all, I had maybe 2-3 GOOD friends in high school. Second of all, no one gives a shit what happened to me. I've attempted to reconnect with 5-7 folks from school - I sent an email, then sent one back, I emailed back and that was it. So, I figure that if anyone really cared about me showing up, they would email back.

Redan High School Class of 1986...Party Mix of 86...fuck all ya'll. Man, I've been waiting 20 years to say that. Let me tell you what MY high school experience was like. The girls hated me. I had zero girlfriends. The guys were a little more open and I had lots of guy friends in several grades. I loved vintage clothes, unusual pieces, punk or whatnot. I had a couple friends that lived the vintage/punk thing but that was it. I was a total outsider. But I was so smart.

So here I am now, mother of 2, wife to one. There is no way I could afford to go if I wanted to. Good thing I don't.


Karen said...

Sometimes it's best to leave highschool in the past. I think it's more about who you become after highschool--the connections you make, decisions you make....

Also, what you endured in the past helped to bring you to where you are today--mother, wife, and a kick ass cro-shitter.


normanack said...

If only all us smart-as-shit unpopular kids had known each other in high school, the world would have been a better place both then and now.

Life is so damn isolating.

karen said...

High school sucked so badly. I totally agree.

I love your blog! I'm adding you as one of my links. Hope you don't mind. Let me know if you do.
And your hat completely rocks.

desperate housewife said...

When my tenth was coming up, a snotty girl who'd never deigned to speak to me in high school actually called me to ask if I wanted to be on the committee!! Bitch! I declined, of course.
Two years to go until my 20th, and I don't plan on going to that one, either!

ladylinoleum said...

My 20 year reunion is next year and you know, I doubt if I'll go. High school wasn't exactly the high point of my existence. Anyway, I don't think it's a bad thing that you're not going.

On another note, thanks so much for leaving me a comment on my blog! I really appreciate it. I am adding you to my bloglines right snappy.

Karen said...

Hey Lunchie--you still around?